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Late Loungers Broke My Website!

Never have I been so happy. Forget Kim K and her champagne butt shelf, YOU made us crash and we felt loved.

As we ramp up to our 2nd Late Lounge podcast since we took a break, we launched a new SEXY REQUEST FORM. It's on The Late Lounge page and as the name implies, you use it to send in mentions and song requests. Well, the Loungers loved it so much, the website crashed!

The new extended Bank Holiday Late Lounge extravaganza will be released at 10pm on Thursday 28th of March, just in time for the LONG weekend. If you are new to the show, its a place of exquisitely curated, chill out vibes. Think Moby, Faithless and Portishead. However, what makes us different from all the other chill shows is the influence of our fine Jazz FM heritage. So you will also hear from the greats, like Ella, John Coltrane and Nina Simone.

Should you wish to get involved, the website is fully functioning again and that aforementioned SEXY REQUEST FORM awaits your golden touch. Here's to Spring and long weekends, to music and friends, to chilling out and the loyal Loungers across the globe. We thank you.

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