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'The Late Lounge' is registered trademark and protected under UK copyright law

Welcome to your destination for mind blowing music. This is The Late Lounge.

The award nominated Late Lounge has been around for many years, formerly on UK national radio and now here, online, worldwide. Our audience is truly global, completely loyal and always thirsting for inspiring new music. The offering is a cool, chilled set, presented by Claire.  The music is handpicked; a perfect mix of laid back classics and shiny new tunes. Downloadable and FREE, The Late Lounge is a good for the soul!

For the full playlist, click the musical note icon next to the show. And don't forget our back catalogue currently contains over 60 shows...available for free at any time!


Want to get involved with The Late Lounge? If there is a song that you really want us to play, fill in the request form and we’ll see what we can do. Just want to say hi? You know we would LOVE to hear from you.  Remember to tell us where you are in the world, then simply  sit back and enjoy the show.


Thankyou for getting in touch with the Late Lounge!

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