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Feed The World Italiano Style

I don't THINK this project is #greenwashing. It's hard not to be cynical, but let's allow ourselves a wee frisson of #hope now and again eh? Firstly, some background to this #vo.

Milan Italy, 2015. The Universal Expo took place for the first time under the title, 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.' Mayors from over 100 cities worldwide gathered to sign the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. The first ever international agreement on sustainable urban food systems was born, with 37 recommended actions to inspire mayors and policy makers to tackle food-related challenges at the urban level. #2024 and the project continues to bloom and grow as this clip shows.

There are plenty of good ideas out there and numerous fine souls implementing them. Unfortunately, not always those with all the power! I do believe that we, the people, want to fix the world, if only the politicians would let us!

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