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You Show Me Yours. I'll Show You Mine

I don't mean to be rude, but, how much money do YOU make?

Who would want a job in the creative industry right now? And that includes all creatives, not just Voice Over artists. Yes, it’s the best job in the world, we know that.  But it seems to me that to get ahead, you must give so much more for considerably less these days.  (Sorry for sounding like your grandma!)

When I began my VO career, I kind of think it was the golden age.  Nostalgia? Maybe. The old days of VOs acting like reps and driving across the country to do live sessions were gone.  (Good. Cos I’m a crap driver!) Technology opened the world up and the world was excited to be discovered. 

I guess it’s the march of progress. Technology has opened things up again, except now, we are competing against the very thing that once set us free. ROBOTS WILL KILL US ALL…etc etc


So, back to my original thought. Why would anyone choose to be in the creative industry?  If not this, then what? I did some investigating to see what else is out there.


The best paying jobs in the UK at the moment are;

1.          Chief financial officer – £124,677  (Cant do sums. So, it’s a no from me.)

2.         Vice president of sales – £98,687 (Crap at marketing myself so defo no.)

3.         Orthodontist – £94,658

4.         Nephrologist – £94,118 ***

5.         Ophthalmologist – £93,331

6.         Anaesthesiologist – £93,072

7.          Paediatrician – £92,864

8.         Plastic surgeon – £90,531

9.         Dermatologist – £86,734

10.        Tax director – £89,619

11.        Director of engineering – £78,368

12.        IT director – £77,446 (Control Alt Delete is the sum of my techie genius)

13.        Managing director – £74,450 (I’m too bossy. Staff would hate me.)

14.        Marketing director – £69,049

15.        Actuary – £64,362

16.        Chief executive officer – £61,805

17.        Lawyer – £51,237 (I do like ‘The Good Wife’ and 'Suits' on TV, so possible)




*** I had to look number 4 up. A nephrologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating kidney conditions. I think I knew that. Somewhere out there is a E learning course I voiced on how to treat a patient at home living with kidney disease.  (But for the grace of God go I…)


I would LOVE to know the average salary of a Voice Over, not famous Olivia Coleman thespy type, but the good old, boots on the ground, jobbing VO like me. Hmmmmm. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. 😊



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